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I'm a Level One seller on Fiverr

Hey guys,
I’m Avi. I’m a professional web designer and developer. I’m an expert at WordPress & Divi Theme. I’m a Level one seller on Fiverr. I have completed many websites projects with my clients’ satisfaction.

But Recently I’m facing some problems. I have no order, even no new buyer messages on my gig. My gig’s rank is decreasing day by day. So if you have any suggestions or tips for me then please give it.

Avi :slight_smile:


Make use of Quora and social media for Fiverr promotion especially Facebook and Twitter. I do sponsor post sometime on facebook and direct them to fiverr to make order


Thanks for your suggestions :heart_eyes:


I am facing a similar problem. Opened a ticket about it, take a look;

“Hello there.
I have been promoted to level 2 seller a week ago. But my views, clicks and impressions hits the rock bottom now. What is causing this?
I tried the new promoting system. But it was not promoted. How does that work? When i look at the brief explanation about this system, i should be able to promote my gig. But it does not work
Thank you for your answers.”

And the answer:

“Hello there,
Donovan from Fiverr here. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will review your gig right away.
You will be glad to know that, after a further review, your gig has been fully approved and it is now visible to all our users. Your impressions and clicks will get back to normal very soon.
Regarding the promoted gigs, I can tell your gig is eligible to be promoted and I believe that you are notified accordingly. My records are showing that your gig is up and running and you can manage it by going to the Promoted Gigs tab in the header of the screen.
I hope this answers your questions and will be at your disposal for any future ones.

Iam not sure what will happen, but this implies somehow i wasnt on the menu and now i am. Maybe something similar happened to you. This ticket is answered yesterday, so i will share what happens in the next few days.

This is the topic that i will share it.

Hope it helps


Thanks for your info :heart_eyes:

You should active regularly and share your gigs in social media i hope you will get order soon

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Thanks for your comment :heart_eyes:

That’s Awesome, You are in Fiverr Forum. Best of luck and get some tips from here and give it a try.

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Thanks, Bro! :heart_eyes:

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Hello ozan_erdi,
Fiverr recently introduced the promoted gigs update. This is eligible for Level 2 and top-rated sellers. When the seller becomes a level 2, the algorithm rank down and dropped the impression. Mainly to push sellers to choose promoted gigs service. I think that is the reason to drop your impression after became a level 2 seller.

Maybe so,
But my promotion is still pending. Now according to the answer i get for my ticket, my views and impressions should go higher. If that happens without the promotion, its all good. But if you are right, that is one dirty trick right there mister!

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Ok brother,
Keep hope. But cs service is too busy, You can only wait for their reply!

Stay active more and more time. I hope you will success very soon. :smiley:

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Thanks for your comment :heart_eyes:

Stay active more and share your gigs in social media I hope you will get order soon

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