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I'm a new do I pay?

Someone throw me a bone here. I have searched everywhere on how to setup payment and the closest thing I’ve come to is payments are through paypal via fiverr. I have a paypal account but now I’m assuming I have to transfer funds into fiverr as some posts have said you do not deposit directly to a seller via paypal. For the life of me I can’t find where that is. Additionally I don’t want to buy a gig and then hold payment up becuase I need to transfer funds first. I’m also a lil concerned about as one poster had complained that he transferred funds from paypal and he has his paypal receipt but is not showing up on fiverr and it is in some kind of hold (you can search his post of “I am a buyer, I just paid for 5 gigs and…” by anywilldoo. He says it’s been a week since he’s contacted CS. Don’t want to get in that situation. Can’t believe I have to ask but how do I pay for a gig as a new buyer?


Howdy MrChip!

When you click on the order button on any gig you will be asked to complete your payment on the next screen via PayPal :slight_smile:

If you have any problems just let me know


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Okay thanks. Was wondering if that’s what would happen. The other forum response and TOS was throwing me off and leading me to believe there was some kind of 3rd party intermediary that only accepted paypal.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I knew you were going to post that. Lol.

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Surely there must be a step-by-step guide for new people on how to purchase a gig!

I have just joined and I’m about to place an order, but have no idea what do next. How do I proceed and complete with the seller?

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Now fiverr team has upgraded the services and now you will not face problems.

Where is the buy button?

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what happens when you place a custom order? how do you buy. Like I contacted the seller asking them do design a thing and I liked the design but how do I actually buy it???

Normally you pay before work is done. If a seller did work for you and you haven’t paid yet, tell the seller you want to pay. They will tell you if they want to send you a custom quote or just have you order a gig. If it’s a custom quote, you accept it. If it’s through a gig purchase, click order.