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I'm a new member of Fiverr forum, my gig doesn't get any impressions or clicks,

I’m a new member of Fiverr forum, my gig doesn’t get any impressions or clicks, impressions are only three, I share gigs on social media every day, but impressions don’t come,
I need help



How long you’re on Fiverr?
From my personal experience to increase impressions and clicks, you need:

  1. Make a good Gig image or video that totally describes your service.
  2. Optimise your Gig with niche keywords in the description and use related tags.
  3. Continue sharing your Gig link on social media: Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, or Pinterest. Also, you can try Quora. Full fill your profile add a link on Fiverr profile in the description and answer questions related to your niche.
  4. Stay more time online on Fiverr. Sometimes buyers find users by “online” filter. That’s why you can try to have more chances to have clicks and impressions.
  5. Check Buyer’s requests and find them related to your business, you can try to find the first Buyer there.
    And the last, but not the least: such combination — hard work + quality will give results soon.
    Hope these tips will help you.

Best to follow this: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


Thank you for sharing your experience.

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Thank you for your Very Helpful Tips