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I'm a new seller and am I supposed to keep my prices low?

I’ve read alot that new sellers especially with no reviews should keep their pricing relatively low. But it is a bit unfair when the service provided can result in loss. For example I’m a chatbot developer $5 per bot is not fair even though I’ve seen people doing it. To show I know my work I’ve provided demos but sometimes it hits me maybe the reason I’m not getting any order is because of my pricing.
How will new sellers benefit ?
Plus no orders even with low prices.
(I don’t think I’m allowed to share my gig here or I would have)

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First of all, it is allowed to share your gigs in the “my gigs” category
And, You should keep the prices low at the beginning, showcase your work by giving people a link to your portfolio but keep in mind that you should not work in loss as it demotivates you, you can keep a small profit margin at the first and keep on increasing it as you move on

No it’s not. Only under the “my gig” subcategory


You know better what you can offer to the market so you should do your research here on fiverr and see what competitors do and how they price their services.

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Yes but I thought she was thinking that she could not give a link to her gig on the forum. Sorry I misunderstood

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Thank you. It’s just seeing my competitors offering work at extremely low rates and getting reviews a little demotivating that will I even get work if I spend time on this. I’m not saying I have a great profile I just started out but I’m improving it just wanted opinions. I kept a very feasible after seeing all the other projects changed it up. Hoping for the best.
Editing my post to share my gig link

If I were in the market for a Chatbot, I wouldn’t pay $5 for one. $5 to me suggests poor quality, or possibly worse. I would ignore any sellers offering a Chatbot for $5, and would look instead at the kind of prices I think are reasonable for a quality piece of work.

So that means you might instead decide to price your work accordingly, putting you head-to-head against some of the more experienced sellers. So why would a buyer choose you over everyone else? This is what you need to convey in your gig.

If you believe your work is of a high quality, then price it accordingly. But you must also convince potential buyers of that quality. Fiverr give you the tools to do this (your Gig description, your portfolio, your video), so make sure you’re using them!


Price your gig according to the value you offer and your skill level.

Do NOT race to the bottom by pricing according to market’s average.

Stick it out and you will end up getting the better clientele.

Leave the rest for your “competition”.


Thank you I’ll keep that in mind. I’m giving my 100%. This point of view gives me hope. Hoping for the best :slight_smile:

New seller like me with zero or less reviews keep the price minimum. Looking at that made me change my pricing scheme. I’m trying to stay positive in that matter.

Some new sellers have a choice; sell something for $5, or not make any sales at all.
Some do work as charity for a while to get reviews, since they know that people don’t know what kind of work they would get if they placed an order.

Other new sellers have prices that are higher so you can try that and see if buyers will take a chance on a new seller.

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Most people don’t mind paying extra if they get value for their money. So don’t worry about what your competition is charging but rather focus on what extra value your clients will get by ordering from you.