I'm a new seller and I love Fiverr!


I just started selling on Fiverr and I’ve had 3 sales. Might not sound like much, but I am super excited and believe in this! I love that I am able to help small businesses grow by promoting them on my website. I work full time and run my website. It’s a hobby for me and if I can make extra money on Fiverr-why not?! I have set realistic goals and even purchased a book called Make Money Online at Fiverr.com: Use Fiverr to Make $1000+ A Month and it’s great! I’d love any tips or just to chat about business opportunities! Happy New Year!


Reply to @anarchofighter: good advice, thanks!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: awe thank you! Also, thank you for the helpful links :slight_smile:


Adding some “proof” or "evidence’ of your traffic patterns or time that a user spends on you site …any other such bit of proof that there is some “there” there would be wise.



Hi and welcome! 3 sales not much? Don’t be so modest! That’s great!

Seller Start Up Basics


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