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I'm a new seller and I need tips on how to promote my gig


I am Javier Cordova. A new Seller that a month ago I finish planning your gig and I need to find an effective way to promote myself.

Those who have time in this can give me a Council or tell me what you did to promote yourself?


You can check this: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR
as well check this section:

There’s a lot of great info there.

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I won’t tell you what I have done to promote myself, but I will encourage you to do the following:

First, research your target customer/customer base, and determine who they are, what they need, and where they are located. Then, go to those places (online or off), and find creative ways (that connect to YOUR customers) to convince them to hire you.

There are no easy ways to market and promote anything, nor will anyone give you a step-by-step, one answer solution. YOU are going to have to do your own market research to connect to YOUR own customers, in the ways that present YOU as the seller to solve your target customers’ needs.


Thanks bro for the tip

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Thanks bro for the information

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i will create new and old Facebook account for professional business