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I'm a new seller here, any tips?

So, I just started Fiverr to pay for my university tuition and bills. Any tips for new sellers to get buyers. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Welcome hare :slightly_smiling_face:

I highly suggest you read the Terms of Service as your gig is violating them. You include a link to Instagram, which is not allowed. Please read the Terms of Service before you get a warning or a ban.

I also suggest you read everything in the Seller Help Center:

Furthermore, for tips on how to get sales, you should really use this forum’s search function as it has been asked thousands of times (I am not exaggerating).

Read these threads for a great start:


oooh! Okay thank you.

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Welcome to Fiverr community

welcome to fiverr
I hope you can do something better from here.

welcome to fiverr community

Welcome to Fiverr forum

Wellcome to fiverr family. Be patients.