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I'm a new seller, how can I get order?!

I know that’s the question y’all answered the most, but I really wanna know it…


Please try stay active. Try to please first 10 buyer request regular. Share your gig on social media.

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Tighten up your gig text a bit.

Translating and proofreading are two different skills, smooshing them together hurts the clarity of what you’re offering as a service. Either they have it done and need to make sure it’s accurate, or they don’t have it done and need you to create it - it can’t be both.

Instead of saying “since I was 15,” tell your clients the number of years you’ve been doing this. You could be 15 and a half, or 16, for all we know - without context, it’s not an impressive statement. If you say, instead, “I’ve been translating for the last 5 years,” that’s far more impressive.

“That is a work I always loved to do” doesn’t make much grammatical / conversational sense in English. You’d say, perhaps, “it’s the type of work that I’ve always loved to do.”

“I am native from Brazil” is also grammatically incorrect. You are a native from Brazil, or, more fluently, a native Brazilian.

“So make sure I am always here to help you” is a command, the way you’d tell a dog to sit or a child not to get into trouble. This is a line you seem to be using to try and reassure your buyers, so something like, “I’m always here to help! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me with a private message before ordering.” would be more appropriate.

Hope this helps!


Oh, thanks!
I’ll fix it all!