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I'm a new seller I have doubts about billing

I love to greet you.

I would like to ask for your help, since I have already completed my profile as a seller, however, I do not know very well how concerts work with a client:

  1. Where does the client’s money arrive?
  2. Where can I add my account number?
  3. How much is the commission that Fiver charges me?

Thank you very much, I will appreciate your answer.


Hi Carolina, welcome to the forum.

You’ll find all that and much more info in Fiverr’s Seller Help Center:

Also, unless you’re a musician and are actually offering to play concerts with clients … you’re talking about gigs (actually: Gigs® :wink: ), not concerts, you might want to re-read Fiverr’s terms of Service (which you certainly read at least once when registering your account, as you agreed to be bound by them … if not, do that, the sooner the better, else you might not be aware of and do things that can get you an account warning or even ban); they list, among other important things, the terminology used on this platform.

You’ll find a link to the Terms of Service in the footer of the main site.


Thanks for yout help.