I'm A New Seller! Now what?


Hello Fiverr Community! I am the Self Love Guru, quite new to Fiverr. I am a psychic, hypnotherapist, medium and life coach. I help women and men increase intimacy and deepen their sexual experience. YUP! That’s what I do.

I have only been on Fiverr since March 8th I appreciate your help and guidance for this newbie.


A pleasure to meet another psychic here :slight_smile:

I have also just been here for about two weeks.

It sounds like you very valuable services to offer here, and i am sure a lot of people will benefit from them. Look under the tips for sellers. This has a lot about how to get around.

What i learned so far is always add a video to your gigs, choose your a catchy title and have a good description of what you do and what you exactly offer for these five bucks :slight_smile:

Good luck!