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I'm a New Seller on Fiverr. Is it bad to delete a gig?

Hello Fiverr-land,

I think I got a little over excited. I’ve been in the digital marketing arena for 10+ years with a 20+yr Sales & Marketing Career and I really do have so much to offer…but I think I went a little overboard on my gigs. I have 15 gigs and I am brand new. After reading some forum discussions I wonder if I may be better off deleting a couple of gigs to focus-in on my most creative/original gigs.

the question is…Is it bad to delete gigs?

I appreciate your constructive feedback.

Thank you!


Going the extra mile with a few gigs can get you a lot of clients. Having 10+ gigs can result in you being overburdened by orders if you provide invaluable service. So, once you have a regular flow of customers with a few selected gigs, you can pull down other gigs that are futile. They do no harm to your existing gigs. So go ahead!

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you so much for your input. It helps a lot!

Another great answer to my question. I really appreciate that. Thank you!

I wouldn’t delete a Gig or Gigs. This will affect your ratings and ratios as a whole. I would merely suspend the Gigs, which ever you choose. This way you can active any of them at any time, without having to recreate them again if you wanted to have those Gigs in the future.

Deleting a gig isn’t necessarily bad but make sure you don’t have any orders that need to be finished. I would suspend it instead until you are ready to roll it out. When I started I started on two gigs until I was good at completing the orders, and then I added new ones on.

Reply to @thepromogirl: Good idea. I will probably do this in case I want to revive them at some point.

Reply to @jjgriffin: Yes, that makes complete sense but of course I had to start off with a bang and do 15 gigs, but I am setting up a system at home so I will make sure I get the gigs completed. Structure and dry erase boards are my new BFF.