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Im a new seller on Fiverr

Hi everybody I’m a new seller on Fiverr. I opened my gig 5 days ago and send 40+ buyer but I have no orders yet so, please please give me a suggestion on how I get my first ordered


Hi, my name is Noory I am here to help you in this regards.
If you’re going to take an order from buyer request you just need the write to point in buyer request message sections.

Guess if you’re a buyer what you need from the seller?
in this case you can write something that’s buyer really for, I am busy with my local business and not working on Fiverr as much but I am wining 8 out 10 biddings what’s why? because I am targeting the buyer and writing the right proposal just.

That is my personal experience that’s not guaranteed 100%

I hope you understand, and if you need anything else I am here to help you!


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Thank you
but I’m giving a good offer but I’m not getting a job. :pensive: