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I'm a new seller on wordpress. Need some valuable tips to get quick orders

Hi , I’m wordpress webdesign expert. I have experience on wordpress & can do anything based on wordpress .But i didn’t get any order from fiverr yet. So, please suggest me how can i get quick orders.
Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will build responsive wordpress website design design
Maybe have 1 “design” in the title.

In the gig description:
“you are in right place.” could be “you are in the right place.”
It says “unlimited revisions” but none of the packages have the number of revisions value set to “unlimited”.

You could change the formating in the description. There’s new lines when they might not be necessary, eg. “Web” is on a line by itself and all there’s quite a few ticks on their own line.

In the basic package “Res[onsive” could be “Responsive”
The standard package says “up to 3 pages” in the package title but the “number of pages” field is set to 6.

You could add an FAQ section if that will help give more info/answer questions the buyers might have.