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I'm a new seller, please help me start the job easier

I started to creat gigs on Fiverr, but I do not have any sale, please let me know error in my gigs, I’ll modify it.

This gigs:

There are many tips on the forum so I advice you to read through them, but the number one thing
I will point out is that there is NO easy start. Fiverr is not an easy place to make money.
Try reading through everything and also look at other people’s successful gigs, and I’m sure you
will get the idea of what you need to do to.

I always give the same tips to new SEO “experts” here on Fiverr who are complaining about having no sales - set up a website and apply their own gigs.

Your gigs will get popular, and you shall get lots of sales.
UNLESS you’re offering useless, meaningless, spammy SEO gigs.

Modify your status which is useless

describe about your expertise in your status

I have to write what’s on status?
Thanks you.