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I'm A New Seller! Proofreading!


Hello everyone! My nice is Kaitlyn, I’m a broke high school student just trying to get by. I’m in AP English classes, so I’m 100% qualified to proofread. I know I’m not as experienced as say, those who have graduated from college, but give me a chance. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Oh, also, I can add other services if need be, like if someone wants me to make a specific vide of me telling their roommate to pull their weight in the world, I’ll do it man. Anything for the money.


“Just send my your document to proofread.”

Welcome. Just a little error in your gig description. Attention to detail is very important.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community. Anything for money? :thinking: Patience is the key here to get more orders and earn big on Fiverr. Give some time and get some experience. Make sure to read terms of service and privacy policy otherwise it will be difficult for you to move forward.

Best of luck. Happy new year


Hi Kaitlyn! Good for you and all the best for your studies. I’m sorry you’re struggling to get by.

Being a Fiverr seller can be fantastic for your resume because you can prove that you have sales experience and provide great customer service. In my experience, employers love when you can provide measurable proof of your skills. I got a job offer mostly because I shared that I’ve made over 200 sales on Fiverr.

Just a note regarding editing work: if you are thinking of editing essays or other academic here on Fiverr, be very careful because Fiverr has very strict rules about that and I’m not even sure if essay editing is allowed here. I had an editing gig here and they removed it, even though I was clear that I only students’ prose (in the case of essays), specifically to help people make their writing clear and concise.