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Im a new seller who like to help me

i haven’t any order yet , who can help me for get an order, or you can tell me if i have any more problems in my gig ,or what i need to do to develop my gig. thank you

Here are some valuable tips for you.
Before you do anything else, read the Forum Rules until you understand them.
Next, go to the Fiverr Academy and study everything there.
When you have done these, go to the Tips for Sellers section of the Forum (the one you wrongly posted in). Read all of the posts in the pinned section at the top.
If you have questions then ask the questions in the comment section of the post which raised the question or go to the Improve my Gig or Conversation sections and ask there.
If, on the other hand, you do not want to do these things and want someone to teach you how to use Fiverr then you should place an order with someone who offers this service. People are happy to help you with questions you might have but first you should study the material which is already available - if you are too lazy to do that then you should pay someone else to make up for your laziness.

Hey, I’m not an experienced seller but looking through your gig and profile description I noticed some issues with spelling such as not capitalizing the “I”, not capitalizing the beginning of a sentence and some punctuation issues. I would get rid of that to have a clearer presentation.

thank you sir ,i appreciate it & and i will do what you say

thank you sir :slight_smile: i appreciate it