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I'm a new user from Bangladesh

I am a new user of fiverr. I want to progress in fiverr. How can I do?


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How can I increase my gig impression?

Increasing gig impression, sales, and overall success depends on a lot of things. The first and top one is creating a very much optimized and organized gig with authentic and good looking sample photos and videos, please keep a note that a video can increase your visibility in Fiverr which can get more sales.

Then you have to stay active to Fiverr via app or browser. Share your gigs to the social media. Write blog post about your profession and service you offer on Fiverr, link your gig to those blog, get some backlink. Response any message you get in Fiverr within 1 hour, this is very important. Then offer customer something he can’t ignore, like a little bit lower price than standard because you are new and you need reviews/feedback. Good communication is important too.

Finally, deliver your best service which meets customers requirements very well. Repeat.

Best wishes for your 2021 goal.


Thanks for your cooperation.

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Welcome to the Fiverr community

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Welcome to Fiverr. Happy new year.