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I'm a Newbie and i need assistance


I’m so motivated to work! i love the community and how it is been maintained…I grow up as a farmers son and i was so motivated to have a good education and become a writer so i could write a good autobiography of how i had grown…I got lots of more books stored in my Archive

I need Assistance from you and i believe you could be of help to my career



You need to sell your self, create a brand.

Focus on your skills, and talents and make sure you market them to the wider audience.

Buyer Requests
Create your own Website.

You need to expose your self to potential clients.

Success is there for those who work HARD for it!

P.S Remember to read the Terms of Service before you make decisions.


I am not sure what you mean by most of this post. Perhaps there are some issues with the English communication but your message is very hard to follow. What do you mean that you “got lots of more books stored” in your Archive? What sort of assistance do you need and who do you mean by “you”? Who can help you and with what career?

It is not clear if you are trying to hire someone to help you with your English or your books, or if you are trying somehow to get people to buy your services. If you need to hire someone, use the main Fiverr page and search for tutoring or editing or whatever you need. If you want to sell, the intro category is not for advertising.


my word “you” i was referring to anyone that sees my post"

my post details is all about introducing myself to the community

I was basically talking about my skill when i said 'got lots of books in my Archive"

Archive literally means storing of books in a safe place

so generally this particular category is for introduction as a new seller


what is a buyer request?


Okay. I suggest reading a lot more about the site and making sure your profile is clear and honest. That’s all the assistance I can provide. Good luck.