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Im a Newbie,Hoping for a Customer


Really hoping to get my first order soon, any tips would be awesome


Try to look in tips for sellers. Surely that will help you! :slight_smile:


thank you


Put up more gigs. And if you have things like makeup or other masks people would be likely to order too. holding a sign with a mask would be a cool gig i would order. You might consider dancing or singing in your masks that would be hilarious. Just be creative. you’re on the right track. Oh and consider changing your keywords or editing them. It says ‘mas’ and not ‘mask’ or ‘masks’


Reply to @derekrants: have you checked out my forum post about Fiverrtastic where i will promote you gig if you collect mine. by all means go check it out.


Wow derek cool gig you followed my advice. I’m gonna put you on my page right now. go google Fiverrtastic and you’ll find my FB page. i can’t put the link.


Having patience :stuck_out_tongue: Easier said than done, I know. My first order didn’t come in until a couple or so weeks after joining. I’ve been here 15 months & I’m still learning of ways to improve my services. The suggestion, to add more gigs, is a good one, especially, if you have skills besides what you’re offering now. My talent is writing, so, all my gigs pertain to that. Though, I try to think of different versions of that. Continue to read the forums. There are many friendly & helpful people here.


Reply to @curvalicious: If you’re good at writing why not offer think-tanking or brainstorming gigs. Also offering homework assignment gigs is a great opportunity too. i know it’s popular for me. Essays are extremely popular among college students and they will pay big bucks. I had one offer me $100 on the fall of napolean but he needed it in 4 days and it was a 6-8 page paper. So ya lets just say people pay good sometimes. Also don’t be afraid to tell a customer that the story will be more than 1 gig because the plot and storyline are massive. I leave a story with a cliff hanger ending so they’ll order more gigs. oh by the way that 50% gig is hurting you I would scrap it an put it back up or change it around and put it up again. :slight_smile:

Just copy and paste the previous info on a word document and add it back in and change it. Best of luck.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Thanks for the ideas. I’m more of a fictional or part fiction, part fact writer. I will consider what you said. Who knows where it might lead? :slight_smile: If you’re referring to that gig with the poor feedback (only the second one I’ve had), I don’t know why they’re saying that, especially since, that situation was from a couple of months ago (how long do they have to put up a review?). I did communicate with them, including, that I had been really sick, which put me behind. Not to the point of being late, though. I did get it in the day before it was due. I probably would have had it in a week before that. They also said they understood & seemed fine with working with me on it. Plus, they enjoyed what I had created for them.

I’ve provided freelance customer service for a couple of companies (for the past five years) & people are able to leave remarks on there as well. Others who work as independent contractors said, it’s tough when you get your first bad comment, but, when people see the good before & after that one, the person who left the negative remark will appear like a jerk. Actually, sometimes it can work in your favor, because people will be curious about it & will try you out. Too bad this one was on a newer gig.


Reply to @curvalicious: well the best thing to do is first try and work something out with the buyer and establish a positive relationship. ask them to change or remove the feedback. If they won’t talk to customer support. Lastly the other option is to either change and redo the gig or just get rid of it completely and start it from scratch again later. I have experience with negative buyers…believe me. :slight_smile:

I didn’t start up the Fiverrtastic blog for giggles. I did it to help other sellers.