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I'm a newbie in Fiverr

Hi all I am Mahdi . As an inexperienced seller , I would really be grateful if you guys help me . I need suggestions on article writing. Pen and paper have always been my trusted companion. But I haven’t worked in any online platform before.


@mahdise Best of luck dude!

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Tips for success:

Get a professional to do your gig pictures (I always use the same person).

When you are creating a new gig, make use that your gig is in the correct catergory, (Writing and Translation) (Articles and Blog Posts), also when you write your 5 tags, these drive traffic to your gig. Use words like (articles) (blog posts) (website) (creative writing) (ghost writer) - just an example.

Plan your entire gig very carefully, look at other gigs for examples, but remember ‘do not copy’.

Don’t just have one gig, find other services which you can do, and make other gigs. (will bring more traffic)

Look on buyers request, every hour and submit offers to buyers.

Keep your prices very low at first, you want to get your first few orders before increasing your prices.

Look around the Fiverr platform and get used to all the different functions. You will in time get familiar with it.

Don’t break any laws, for example, in this forum you must not advertise the work you do! Don’t send links and even links of other sellers.

Don’t exchange contact details in the fiverr messages! You will be flagged! This is not allowed. So if anyone asks you for your contact details, don’t reply or flag them. People do ask, and you could be tempted to give contacts.

Hope this helps! (I am just giving advice from my experiences)


Thank you brother. Keep me in your prayer.

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Thank you mam for your valuable suggestions

mahdise welcome and good luck

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Thank you so much brother .

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@mahdise welcome fiverr family

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Valuable advice here, appreciated.

So this isn’t a bidding site, you just sit back back and wait for client’s to find you?

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I wouldn’t say it’s a bidding site, no. Get started using buyer requests, I got my first order through this. Send as many relevant offers out as you can. I do approximately one to 3 offers a day - sometimes there are no requests. Once you start getting a good 5 star rating, you will start to get more traffic. The quality of your work and service is very important.


Welcome to the Fiverr forum. :bouquet: :bouquet:

I hope this topic help for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks brother. And yes people are very helpful here indeed.

You are a very helpful person, i hope that this tips is to be helpful us

welcome in this world.

Wish your good luck.

Welcome to fiverr Forum… Best wishes for you…:blush::blush: