I'm a Newbie seller!


I’m Jawad hossain a professional front-end developer.
I’m new in this market place, there is so many things I don’t know about here.
I’m so confused how I should create my gig to get my first job.
There are so many respected and well experienced people in this forum will you please suggest me to get started working as new seller.


Hello @jawadhossain96, Welcome to Fiverr forum.

As a new seller on this platform you need some time to understand the environment but you should try to understand and step carefully. Discuss with an experienced seller or here on Fiverr forum with any question or confusion. Best of luck!

You may start from here:

  • Try to be online as much time as possible (Use Fiverr mobile app as well)
  • Bid from “Buyer Request” option everyday
  • Response a buyer message asap


Check this out: https://support.fiverr.com/ for how to get started on Fiverr.

Everything is explained there!


Thank you very much.


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Welcome to Fiverr! Hope you enjoy it and prosper!


Yes I’m trying to do my best


Hi @jawadhossain96, welcome to here and best wishes for you.


jawadhossain96 WELCOME TO THE FORUM :+1::v:


You are welcome!!
A person that is humble enough to seek Help will surely soar high here on fiverr!!
Work hard and keep reading , wish you all the best!!!


Thank you @smfrajobs same to you


Thanks @imam71graphic


Thank you @videoarticle I’ll do my best !!


@ Jawadhossain96
You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes


Same to you @emrlanka


Welcome Brother :slightly_smiling_face: