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I'm a Newbie WordPress Developer on Fiverr , Mr. Deev - need tips & tricks


I am a newbie here and need your help by giving me tips and tricks so that I can get more love and impression for my gig. I’ll follow the rules and regulation of Fiverr and will get support from the support team where necessary.

Mr. Deev


Welcome to the Forum. May your Fiverr experience be a good one. :blush:

As for tips, the most important is to read the TOS at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Then you will be sure to always do what is right and not place your profile in trouble. :wink:

As for tricks, what makes you think :thinking: there are any tricks?

Plus if people do have tricks why would the want to share them? That would mean helping someone else to out rate them! :scream:

Many newbies ask for people here to share their tricks. I am curious, where did you see the advise to ask for such tricks? :thinking:


I have some in my sleeve - they are called hard work and promoting your business the proper way.


Thanks… I’m trying…

Try to understand fiverr website and forum.

I hope you Wil be expert in few days.

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