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I'm a newly-approved PRO seller. Ask me about the application process!


Here’s some information that might be helpful:

  1. I heard back from Fiverr six weeks after I submitted my PRO application.
  2. After being approved, I scheduled a Skype call with a Customer Success rep to go over the next steps.
  3. I created three PRO gigs yesterday, which are currently pending review. A Customer Success rep – most likely the same person I spoke to yesterday – will offer feedback and hopefully approve the gigs in the next 72 hours.
  4. I have the option to keep my non-PRO gigs and am debating whether to do so. I’ll probably wait a few months before I pause or delete them.

I created this thread because I had a number of questions about the application process before I heard back from Fiverr. Other PRO sellers, many of whom were handpicked by Fiverr to join the platform, have been very generous with their time and input; however, I thought it might be helpful to answer questions from the perspective of a seller who was already active on the site.



Congratulations! Could you please add the URL of your fiverr profile here to your forum settings so we can click on it and see your gigs? In the upper right hand corner where your little profile picture is, click on it and go to preferences, then profile and you will see a place where you can add your url of your profile, thanks.

My question is:

Do you have clients from other places besides fiverr? Do you have an online presence besides fiverr? What sort of questions did you have to answer to become a PRO seller?


Thanks! My PRO gigs haven’t been approved yet, though – that should take a few more days.

I do have an online presence outside of Fiverr. I’m an active freelancer on LinkedIn ProFinder, have a website with testimonials and personal blog posts, and serve on a local writers’ board. I’m also an active freelancer in my community.

The questions I had to answer were mostly related to my background. I was also asked to provide a number of professional work samples, which I was happy to do. I hope this information helps!


Thank you! That url doesn’t show when I click on your name so it must be a bug.

It looks like they thoroughly checked out your qualifications to make sure you are a pro in other areas of your life besides just fiverr. That’s what I was wondering.

I don’t know what “Track Changes” is so maybe you could have a question and answer about what that is. Your gigs and photo look great.


Just copy her name & paste it to fiverr search. You’ll probably find her profile.


you also not ad your profile link :slight_smile:


In MS Word, when you turn it on; it will show the changes you are making in color - addition are in red, deletions are in blue, etc. (any color you set it to). The owner or buyer can see what was done to the original document and either choose to accept those changes nor not.


Thank you Gina. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, we haven’t added yet. Anyway thanks for reminding :slight_smile:



Our questions :

  • How much time your application had taken in reviewing?

  • Have you submitted PRO application once?


Thank you! I submitted my application once, and the process took about six weeks.


Thanks for your feedback! :grinning:


Is it neccasary to have linkedin or dribble ID to open a pro gig?
I want to open a pro gig for motion graphic.


I don’t think it’s necessary, but you do need a professional presence (including work experience) outside of Fiverr.

Good luck with your application!


I applied about a month and a half ago and got an email like 3 weeks later saying we are still reviewing your application and that was it. Seems to be a very lengthy process!


Hey Maddie,

Congratulations on being accepted!

I’m currently putting together a blog article for Fiverr on what sellers can do to maximize their chances of being accepted as a Pro. In your view, what are the main three reasons / qualities a freelancer needs to have to be accepted as a Pro seller?

I’m thinking areas like:

  • Professional presence outside Fiverr.
  • Deep understanding of clients and their needs, products, and services.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Responsive, flexible, accountable style.
  • Trust-based approach to work.
  • Deep industry experience.
  • Super relevant samples across a broad range of work / industries.
  • Professional qualifications.

Can you think of anything to add to that? Of all these areas, what do you think was most important?




I went through the same thing. Know that they’ll get back to you eventually, even if it takes a while. Good luck with your application!


her fiverr profile link


Hi Paul,

Thank you! In my opinion, professional presence – and extensive experience – outside of Fiverr and a deep understanding of clients’ needs are key. Communication skills are important too, of course.

As a writer, I also believe my clips, work samples, and testimonials played a critical role in my being accepted. My impression is that the Customer Success team is after “whole-package” candidates who will appeal to a more professional client base. So, overall, I think the trust-based approach to work you mentioned is the most important part of the vetting process.

I look forward to reading your blog post! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.