I'm a robot? 🤖 Beep Boop


I was answering messages in my inbox, when it suddenly started to complain that message failed to load, please refresh. I did so, and I got to a page saying "No robots allowed! :rage: ", and asked me to do a captcha. :roll_eyes: Not a big deal, but still would like to make a bug report. I didn’t do anything special, and have used only 1 computer to access Fiverr. Using Firefox.


Fiverr works best on Google Chrome. Also sometimes it helps to clear your cache.


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Did you, by any chance, understand the above message? No? Well, I have awesome news for you! That means you are probably not a beep boop :robot: yet (provided, you don’t actually know machine language IRL) Well, here’s the translation:
It has happened to me in the past, too. And, no, I do not use any sort of VPN or auto refresh software. However, since it is a rare occurrence (for me), it is not so much a hassle. Like vickie said, you could try using google chrome (if you are using another browser) and deleting Fiverr’s cookies and caches. :vulcan_salute:


In case you have an ad blocker on, you can try turning that off too, that worked for me one time I had that issue. Or you could use Chrome, without ad blocker, for Fiverr and Firefox as it is for your other stuff.


But is it right for Fiverr to discriminate against robots?


#RLM? Robot Lives Matter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Boop boop beep boop beep :robot:


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