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I'm a seller buying from seller which can't deliver - fear of intentionally ruining my account

Hi, I’m a successfull seller on Fiverr and I have 100+ completed orders with 4,9/5,0 rating.
However, I recently ordered something from another seller which can’t deliver, does very poor job and refueses to cancel the order. He wants more money and I don’t think he’s capable of doing the job.

So, I contacted CS and filed a ticket elaborating why I want to cancel the order.

Now, I fear that he will be angry and start ordering my gig in order to ruin my completion rate/ rating. I know I can ban him. But he can make more accounts or tell his friends to order my gigs intentionally to ruin my rating.

Do you have any advice on that?


no seller will risk doing that

He can order my gig and say that I did not deliver. Fiverr always goes on the side of the customer. I think he can easily do that.

no he can’t it’s against the rules

He can’t order my gig after I cancel my order of his gig?

you contacted support about it… if he orders contact support again , it’s pretty much obvious that they’ll know it’s something that he does on purpose … but again , he won’t bother doing that , no normal person would

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