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Im a Seller. I provided what they asked

Hi there. I’m a level 1 seller w/ a 5 star rating. I had a Buyer want me to make them 2 emotes and I followed all their directions down to a T… when I delivered (on time) they wanted a refund/cancel. Saying its not what they wanted. I told them the things that they wanted wasn’t listed in the order. They said “oh ya sorry typo” I never had a issue before. I even offered to make it right for them! Asking for how they wanted it changed or some kind of inspiration I can go off of. I don’t want this to hurt my rating/feedback cause I don’t believe I’m in the wrong at all… what do I do?

If you can take a 1 star rating and not be demoted, I’d refuse to cancel. Tell the buyer that Fiverr TOS states that quality and subjective opinion on an order doesn’t qualify it for a cancellation.


Thank you very much for your feedback. I think I’ll do that.

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