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I'm a seller - not a buyer


I am new on here and do handwriting analysis and I keep getting the psychics coming to my side offering their services! I am NOT buying…and another thing - I can’t even find myself on here! I have my profile and everything complete - but i’m not showing anywhere on here…can someone help me please???


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Fiverr just rolled out a new ‘service’ that encourages “new sellers” to spam other site users.

As far as not being able to find yourself, if you are a brand new seller, it may take some time for your profile and services to appear on the site. Fiverr also makes no guarantees that any gigs will be included within the search functionality of the site. The only place all of your gigs will definitely display are on your profile page.

Good luck!


When did you create your gig? Sometimes it takes a few hours for a gig to show up in the system - I remember the last two times I created new gigs, the only person who could see them for at least a few hours was me, and even then they didn’t start to get clicks until the next day.

You should know that you’re pidgeon-holing yourself with your tags. People browsing the categories might see you, but a lot of folks find sellers through the search function, and from what I’ve heard Fiverr’s search system works predominantly on the tags. Kudos to you for picking the exact tags that describe your service, but the only people who’ll search for those tags are the people searching for handwriting analysis.

If you include some variation of psychic and psychic reading, you’ll cast a wider net and connect with customers who are probably interested interested in your service but either don’t know what it is or wouldn’t know how to find it.

Also, have you added a video to your gig? Videos increase clicks, and good videos will increase sales. If you’ve added a video but I can’t see it, that just means it’s still processing.