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I'm a steaming pile of hate right now!


i got one buyer who tried to screw me over and rejected my correction of his website. several times he tried to “mutually” cancel the order ($30). 21hours ago i contacted fiverr support BUT OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T ANSWER YET!

it kept getting back and forth between him “mutually” canceling the order and me canceling the cancellation…

now it happened: i accidently accepted the cancellation. double the work, lots of stress and no money. thank you fiverr for your support…


Lesson Learned: The “mutual” cancellation has NO CONFIRMATION-PROMPT!



Maybe there should be a way for sellers to see a buyer’s history so as to avoid these ‘difficult’ customers…


What was his reason for rejection?


My advice is to never accept a rejected order. If you’ve done the work that they’ve requested stand your ground.


Also just remember that support are indeed humans, they can’t always be immediately available.