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I'm a successfully failure

I’m totally failure in Fiverr because I made two gigs many days ago but still now I don’t get any kind of project.

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You can’t just get an order straight ahead. Most of the new Sellers come up with their expectations that they would get orders fast without any patience.

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You should never consider yourself a failure… if there is life there is still hope… You’re just starting on the journey, you can’t see things on a platter of gold,you have to push and fight for it by promoting your services on the social media.

Fiverr is oversaturated with the influx of new sellers but that doesn’t mean you are a failure… keep pushing and hoping on to God and let buyer request page be your bed to always visit…

A wounded dog is better than a dead lion.


I got my first orders around two months after joining. If you’re a failure when you just joined last month, what am I?

thank you for advice

Keep patience bro… you can make a few more gigs…

This title is a failure success, however.

The moment you assert that you are a failure is when you really become one. Fiverr is like a jungle if you are not playing by the rules of the jungle you will not last a month.

When you join a platform like Fiverr and expect that you will easily make it then you are lying to yourself. There is someone who is almost always better than you. Someone always much more professional than you. If you are weak you cannot make it in freelancing.

Any case I took a look at your gigs. I am not going to spoon-feed you mostly because you are competition and the rules of the jungle simply don’t allow me to enable you. But I will just show you the way to the stream it is up to you how you get there.

Well, what exactly are you offering. Freelancing is not a job application. It’s entrepreneurship. It is not a job interview it is marketing.

When I read your Gig I was looking for substance, instead I found an application

With due respect, I’m … , I’m highly experienced, skilled in copy-paste, copy typing, data entry, conversion of PDF to WORD & professional virtual assistant. I’m confident to do this kind of task as my skill that I can serve the best. I would like to collaborate with you according to your instructions. I will make you satisfied with my services. I assure you. I know your goal so don’t worry & hire me with confidence. Let me collaborate with you on your project. My promise is “you will get full dedicated service from me”.

Dude what are you selling? How is this any better from your competition which is more articulated?

Go back to the drawing board, research and improve your Gigs. One day when you are a leveled seller you will look back at this article and remember why you didn’t sell.

just one simple idea changed my mindest “always remember that you are selling something to someone (doing a service) it’s not that you are working for company doing the same work for the same amount of money” you have to be clever and improve yourself so that people need your sevice not you the opposite