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I'm a Top Rated Seller and my gigs are dying

I’ve been on this site for going on 10 years now, I’ve been TRS for about 8 of those years and I eventually got myself to a point where I made Fiverr my full-time gig over the last 4-5 years. I’m just writing this to see if anyone else is having problems getting messages from new clients? Pre-covid and this time last year I would get somewhere between 5-10 new inquiries a day, this would translate to about 3-6 orders of various types per day. Since about July last year my sales have dropped about 40-50% now it seems to be getting worse.

These days I’m lucky to get 1 new message from a new client per day. The only thing that seems to keep me going on here is my repeat clients. I’m not able to even try the gig promotion for some reason, all of my gigs are ineligible. My stats are between 98% and 100% most of time and my reviews are 99.9% positive… I don’t understand why I’m ineligible to pay Fiverr money to promote my gigs that also makes them more money :frowning:

I’m not sure if this is because of COVID, or because of the changes Fiverr has made to their site. I’m curious if anyone else is experiencing this drought of contact from new clients? My only thought is to lower my pricing on my gigs.

Wish everyone well, hope you all are staying safe.



May be because of this situation , orders are coming less .Hope for the best in future.


Well, Covid itself is not the issue.

The problem is that there are a lot and I mean A LOT of people that just came to the platform trying to make money online. Some lost their jobs, others want extra income, etc.

There are way more competitors everywhere, regardless of the category. I am a writer, for article and blog posts there were 19k writers at the start of this pandemic. Now there are well over 50k. So… You can see why there are issues. I didn’t check your profile, so pricing might also an issue, since a lot of buyers are trying to pay pennies on the dollar for many types of work.


That’s true I didn’t think of that angle at all.

Well I’m going to roll with it for another month see what happens, then just drop my prices back to pre 2017 pricing…


I noticed you have a degree in design as well as skills in Photoshop and various Adobe. Any reason why you aren’t offering photo/picture manipulate?

You have some really nice gigs, including cover design. I’m surprised that I’ve never come across your gigs, considering I used to buy ebook cover design often few years back.


Hello Gina :slight_smile:

Yeah so I have my graphic design gig, but I tend to just stick to more of the layout and design work like that. I’m much better and layout design and marketing, specially for books and publishing.

But you are right, I have a lot more gigs I could do, I might have to branch out a tad.


I’m having the same exact issue. I used to limit my gigs because i couldn’t handle all the orders. Now my gigs have been available for 2 weeks and im barely getting any orders.
I have to mention that my gigs are both on first page of search, top rows. My statistics are great.
I can understand if one gig is having problems but both main gigs at the same time??
I have a feeling the promoted gigs is affecting it. People are paying and who isnt paying isnt getting much traffic


If you check buyer request I can see order from 5 days ago, and not even a single recent job post. Things are hard, plus pib users are just all over this platform selling way to cheap for you to even compete


I’m also a TRS. I noticed a similar trend, where I get fewer new clients and more repeat buyers. However, I’m still earning around the same as before, just from more repeat buyers.

I think it’s a combination of an economic slowdown, causing businesses to spend less and more competition. I think this will continue until many of the new sellers notice that finding success on Fiverr takes hard work and time, so many of them will drop off as time goes by and things normalize. Maybe they’ll get their old job back, or perhaps they’ll realize that a person with their skillset isn’t the best fit for what they are trying to do.

I see more and more sellers offering things like business card design, logo design, video animation, writing and programming on the same gig. They probably aren’t the best at any of them, so they offer sub-par services. This isn’t good for the platform as a whole since the quality of gigs goes down the drain.

I’m also considering lowering my rates. I already did lower my base rate for voiceovers, and I’m doing it for translations to see if that will bring in more buyers.

Luckily I’m still earning about the same, but it would be nice to get more regulars. Some days are tranquil.


I am a level 2 seller eligible for TRS. I was facing the same issue from last six months. I tried different things, like lowering price, changing images, changing description but nothing happened but las 2 weeks are going well for me. what I did was that I created new gig offering same service but Narrowed the service to get clients that are looking for specific needs. I am not sure but may be it worked for me.



As we discussed on other post, I’m facing the same issue.
This happens since last December, very few new enquiries and thanks god there are return buyer pay my bill.

I will be promote to PRO a week later and I wanna see will it goes better (more $ buyer) or worst (too high $).


I am a new seller I want contacting also I want people to come for me to work cause I have not been having cool work for a long period of time…

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I am facing the Same Issues. Anyhow, These things might help you.
Re-brand Your profile.
Create new Gig in low competition niche.
Share your gig on social media and send Buyer requests on daily basis.
Remain active on Forums. To see what’s new here. Apply it to your profile.
You can also consider Description/prices changes.


Thanks for the insight. How can you see those numbers you’re referencing about the number of sellers in a category?

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Great tips! Thanks! Coming on the forum always reminds me that there’s more to do than just stare at your dropping visibility.


Same here - limited new client messages, mostly repeat business and I’m a TRS also.
As with most others, I belive it is a combination of factors…a perfect storm, if you will.
And as with any other slow downs that have occurred in the past, I simply take this as an opportunity to revaluate my gig structures and other avenues.
I’ve been on Fiverr for 7 years and this (May 2021) has been my worst month since my first month. Ebbs and flows have become the norm. But we adapt.


This might be a due to fiverr algorithm…I think they have updated their site…When this new algorithm detect your account it will get back on running …I wish you good luck…just stay patient

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I am level 2, eligible for TRS but not yet get it. 5 years on Fiverr, full time and almost 6 years this October.
First of all, you must be grateful if you still own your TRS badge. And I see your gig, 4K+ positive review is a great achievement.
It helps at least to convince buyer when they visit your gig. So for this point you score 2 step forward than your competitors.

Yes, everything change now.
It happens to me and it’s walking for about a year for now. I got frustrated too at the first.
In this 1 year, only 1 month where my gig jump back to good position.
I tried so many things, changing title, image, tag, description, etc.

Sometimes it bring me to a good placement for a week, then it got dropping again.
So now I’m changing my strategies, I tried to promote my gig out of Fiverr.
On my social media platform.

I just did it, so I don’t know how impactful is it but I will keep updating here if there is any great impact that I can share.

Maybe the thing I can tell you is, under this condition : be patient, keep up your good work, helping people here (this is not part of algorithm, just a believe that when we help people, we will get a blessing from somewhere) and soon, the way will show up.

Best Regards,


I think you have analyzed the reason correctly.


May be because of this situation , orders are coming less .Hope for the best in future :gift_heart::heart_decoration::gift_heart: