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I'm a very Experienced Designer/Animator but i get very few Sales

Hi Everyone, my name is Michael CXT and i’m an expert in Graphic Design, Animations and Flyers.

But above all I’m very nice, like super nice and very hardworking.

But its almost impossible to get buyers to discover me…

Other sellers who use poor design templates or who do lazy designing get all the buyers, and they aren’t aware that someone’s here who can actually come up with designs way better than what they had in mind, is here!

I don’t know what to do, i want to do the right thing.

Should i partner up, maybe if a seller gets a job he can outsource to me?

I’m hardworking to the extent that i could get works done for clients, they see it… even before orders are created. That is how serious i am.

But alas, very few clients. is my url, if there’s someting i’m not doing right, kindly point it out for me.

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