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I'm about to quit before I start! I want to purchase a gig. I registered

I thought I was all set up. Next day, I go to log in. Doesn’t like my log in. Knows my name as if I am logged in. Tells me to find my email. Not there. not in trash. If I had time to play, I wouldn’t be looking for someone to work. Pls make it easy & quick for me or I’ll just go back to Odesk. Hope it can happen. It looks promising. thx 4 help InventingJoy

All you need is the same email to do a password reset (if Support has not resolved this yet).

I’m not sure what exactly you’re having difficulty with…is it logging in? Getting your email on Fiverr? Or from Fiverr?

If you are still here and seeking help from other members (because we’re not customer support here, just other buyers and sellers), perhaps you can explain where it is you’re having problems and what sort of error messages you’re getting.