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I'm actually getting upset by the sheer absurdity of it all

Ok, so I can deal with people being just a wee bit stupid. But how is it possible for so many people to order services that you categorically state that you do not provide?

Literally every couple of days I get people ordering my ‘I will make this explainer video gig,’ who then forward me briefs for often epic custom videos which they want making. - We’re talking about flyovers and in time 3D rendering of buildings being built with people jumping around all happy about the completion of their new Buddist meditation center. We’re talking in the most recent case, about an actual pilot commercial for a reality TV series!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there are people who can provide such services on Fiverr. But what must go through the minds of people who just order things without bothering to read basic gig descriptions?

My question though, is what would happen if I just delivered what I say I do? i.e. in the case of the last person who ordered my ‘I will make this explainer video gig’ (for $5) but was actually looking for a TV commercial for the pilot of a new reality tv show, what would happen if I just delivered the explainer video as stated very clearly in my gig description?

Of course, this person would cancel the order (if they are clever enough) but since I haven’t advertised anything other than the service I provide. shouldn’t I have the right to reject that cancellation?

I only ask as I have a phenomenal cancellation rate on this gig and after starting out relatively steady I get hardly any (real) orders now and I’m pretty sure it’s because of this. Plus I want to start enacting revenge on the people who seem to think that just because their IQ is advanced enough for them to remember to keep breathing, they have a right to waste my time without any consequences. I mean it’s not my fault if they’re a bunch of spoons.

Any thoughts? Would Fiverr take my side do you think? I mean they would be making money out of such peoples baseline stupidity also.

You could say that they have to consult with you before ordering. I get very weird questions all the time. I’m not sure how anyone could be so dense they think a $5 video is going to be a pilot commercial for a reality series.
You could try sending them very expensive extras, like $500 when they order such ridiculous things. It sounds like you get lots of buyers whose big dreams outweigh the money in their pockets.

The thing is, if people aren’t bothering to read my gig description in the first place, me telling people to contact me prior to ordering probably won’t have any effect. I really would like to know if I could simply keep such people’s money though.

Anyway, I’ve just discovered that gig packages are now available in this category so I’m going to add a $70 custom video option to try and make things even more clear than they are already.

Also, I think this might be partly my fault. I was one if these people who started on Fiverr and ran miles for people just to try and build up a bit of a reputation and I think that word might have got out that I’m a bit of a mug.

Nobody ever reads my 3 simple questions at the start of an order. I’ve not once gotten a proper response from them. I usually have to ask them manually each time for specific info before I can move forward.

I know, it’s insane. It’s like walking into a garage, buying a spanner and going back a few days later to say that your not happy because originally you wanted a milkshake. Either that or ordering something online and not giving a postal address. Anyway, I’ve changed over to gig packages now so hopefully this will make my pricing and what I do even more clear.

My moan though, is that buyers have a responsibility to check what they are actually buying. If they don’t and it can be demonstrated that sellers have definitely not misrepresented themselves, we should be allowed to provide exactly what we say we do and take payment accordingly. Exchanges with buyers, and cancellation requests take time.

In either case, that’s what I’m doing next time. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I have recently put in one of my gigs that $5 is only for a consultation. Do they read that? Some don’t. There can be zero communication from some buyers and it might be from a language barrier.

I specifically state in ALL my gigs (at least twice) to send me a msg first to set them up, mainly because of the time zone difference and because I work full time and the fact that I will usually have other gigs with priority, it’s amazing how many ppl conveniently ignore this and blindly order gigs and wonder why I cancel them, I mean seriously I can’t count the amount of times I’ve had to tell ppl to learn how to read? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

It would actually be interesting to see how many of the people you see complaining about not being able to refund their Fiverr balance to their credit or debit card are ‘blind orderers’ who have had sellers cancel their orders due to buyers ordering by mistake/without actually reading gig descriptions.

I think some people simply think that Fiverr works like magic where they can get anything they want off anyone for $5 and don’t seem to appreciate that as well as sellers not having universal skill sets, sellers also have to work on each individual project just like providers of services do in the real world. This isn’t just a Fiverr thing though, this is part of a culture of ‘if I click it I get it’ which seems to be spreading around the world. Wierd really…

It’s amazing that they have the nerve to complain when they failed the very first step which is the ability to READ simple instructions! I’m sorry but I don’t have time for ppl who fail to do this, esp if they want to abuse me for THEIR failure to do a basic task, boggles the mind!

“But what must go through the minds of people who just order things without bothering to read basic gig descriptions?”

God help them … I deal with the same … We do videos too and everyone asks us to do these God D@mn explainer videos that you make =P . We dont have any cartoon style drawings in our video or work samples… but people think we can animate stuff and they also ask us for these drone flying videos and stuff too… With guys on golf courses etc…

I dont understand how to tell them…
“this is what we do… this is what it looks like…”

And have them not ask me for something completely different…

What surprises me is the over expectation that a lot of people have. I’ve actually been able (so far) to stop people from ordering what I don’t provide by setting up gig packages. The only problem is that now I have people asking for 2-3 minute videos with loads of specific animation features. i.e. cats digesting their favourite cat food and the viewer seeing all the nutrients inside the cats body go off and make the cat super healthy.

Now, I can’t do things like this but other videos which I could do I say “okay, that would be $200” including voice over etc and they run a mile.

I think I am being very reasonable offering a customizable $5 video which I have made the template for from scratch (unlike a lot of other explainer video sellers) but there is no way I can justify even trying to give people epic and completely custom productions for anything less than a couple of hundred.

Good luck for your own gigs buy the way!