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I'm Afraid if he is a hacker?

I have a buyer who is asking for remote access to my PC. I am afraid if he is a hacker. If anyone had same experience please share and guide. Thanks


Why would he need that?
I’m guessing you have a poorly designed delivery process where the buyer wants to see the result before confirming an order, but in that case the improvement opportunity is on your side.


Do not give them access to your PC.

Why on Earth would they need it anyway?

Never give access to your computer the can leave spyware or malware and can hack your system and steal all your personal data,

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No. Just no.

Yes, the buyer is a hacker. There is no reason on Earth why anyone can ever have a reasonable reason to access another persons PC.

Say no and report to CS ASAP.


Tell him you weren’t born :baby:t4: yesterday.

Just say no, dude!


Use a program like iSpring Free Cam and send him a video. Don’t share remote access with unknown gentlemen.

Thanks for your reply but that is not the case. He sent me an attachment and in which he asked me to contact outside the fiverr. Also asked me to give PC’s access. You know, we should never give access.
He didn’t want to order me. Thanks again.

@thingymajiggy @webdevelopers90 @cyaxrex @nikavoice @neromare Thank you all for your kind replies.

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