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I'm afraid of buyers who are new here



Have a good day to all. Chargeback makes me feel uncomfortable. These days I am afraid of sending custom offer to new buyers who are member since May or April.

When I receive a message, first I check if the buyer is Repeat Buyer or Top Buyer. If not, I do not want to do custom work for them.

I know this is unwarranted fear but these days I read lots of complaints about chargebacks.


what is the chargeback, i checked up someone talking about this issue but cant get what it means or how ?


It means that a buyer will go straight to PayPal to get their money back, so they get the money and whatever goods/services they ordered.

Not only does the seller lose the money they’d got, it also counts as a cancellation against their completed orders stats.


omg!! doesn’t fiverr has to do something about that ?


It goes against Fiverr’s ToS so they close the accounts of any users who do it.


ok, but what will prevent the same person from registering with new account and do it again and again


Very little - it doesn’t happen often thankfully.


Just my observation but I have also noticed that its mostly a problem with large orders.

One seller here lost $7000.


Thanks GOD, hopefully fiverr can reach a great solution for this issue in the near future