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Im almost there, missing a special sauce or ingredient!


So after a 2 sales and a month on Fiverr still no buyers showing interest in my voice over gigs. I have managed to get it to the second search page until I fine tuned it today. So can anyone help me with why there not knocking at my door. Technically i’m comfortable with my abilities and my uniqueness, marketing (not so much)
But I’ve come to a complete halt as i’m not sure what certain ingredient is missing?
Please look at the gig I have fine tuned and then there is a second gig that looks very much like this gig before me removing aspects I didn’t like. For all I know nothing is wrong. I just don’t know. :frowning:
Any comments and time looking at my gig would be awesome

Tweaked gig

Original Profile


well there maybe more than one reason that you are not sales. :roll_eyes:

See this post below, in the post you will many resources which will help you get started.


I have read this a couple of times, maybe i’m not getting it. Enlighten me toafik I can take it lol.
did you see the other gig of mine that encumbers more of what that list says you should do
thanks for the link though


i saw your gig.

Wow, :open_mouth: man, you have a Great voice. one thing i thing is not good is the preview image of the video intro and the video quality is also not good(Sound is perfect). That’s my opinion.

Best of luck.


Thank you toaufik. You would think buyers would see past that. But maybe that is it


I found it to be all around great to be honest. I just hired someone to do a british voice over for me last week but i was looking for a female for the gig.


Thanks j6nyc6 for your nice comment.
I’m good but i’m not that good :wink: Females are not in my vocal range. lol
lots of positive’s about my actual skill. just wanted to make sure the basics are somewhat good
before I pound the streets of the internet.
If you need Character voices your know where I am!