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I'm am new to fiverr and i would love your suggestions

I have just one gig active but i am anxious and not really sure if my account or gig is well set up.
Please can anyone review my profile and gig and give me their experienced suggestions

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Hi Henri! The only advice I’d offer is to flesh out the “guarantee” - the word “results” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some clients might be thrilled in a 10% bump in clicks/follows, while others might get (unjustifiably) angry you didn’t give them 300% conversion. Also, what exactly does “full time engagement” mean? Will you be responding to questions and complaints on their social media pages?

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Thank you so much for checking out my gig @thatwordchick

In the section for “requirements”, i outlined that the client needs to identify his/her desired goal.
I understand that there are different KPIs in social media marketing but i dont know how to separate them when creating a gig, that is why i generalized.

As for full time engagement, i will be responding to comments, follows, and messages on their page (but that is limited to only the premium package.)