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I'm amazed with my buyer responds


Hello. I’m new to fiverr. i have made several gigs of my own and i have been sending offers to buyer request over 3 days now and i am not getting even a single reply.

Can you be kind enough to go through my profile and help me to build up my fiverr carrier and state me on my current issue.

Advises from old experienced fiverr members worth more than anything. I am grateful for taking your good time and reading my problem. Please let me know what are my cons here. Thank you.


You opened your account just three days back. Be patience and keep applying for buyers request. Long way to go and you have just started.


You just joined Fiverr yet your description says that you are a TRS seller.
It wasn’t that hard to find the actual TRS seller you have copied the gig description from.
Many buyers are smart, they can see through lies pretty easily.

Do not copy other people’s descriptions, do not use other people’s images,
Be professional and present your own work, that’s the best way to go if you want success.
Not sure what your cons are here, I guess it’s not honesty.

At least I get the feeling you might do well with your writing gigs if you promote yourself the right way. For the Photoshop gig there are many people out there offering the same service, you might find it hard to get orders for that one.


hi @zeus777 Thanks a lot for your advise and it helps me a lot. I just added that because i thought it is well written and suits me as well. I was unaware it will affect me badly. Just got to know what TRS means, TOP RATED SELLER. :smiley: my bad. Can i know how did you find the original i copied this from. Thank You. Will it affect my future carrier and my account even if i change that right now?


Thanks a lot @divyagoel for taking your time and advise me on the issue.


Google “Plagiarism Checker” and you will find lot of online tools to find the original source of the text stuffs. And no, it will not affect you if you change it. :slight_smile:


It will affect your career if you do NOT change it right now.
So what you are saying is that without even knowing what TRS is, you decided to just copy
another seller’s description thinking that it “suits you?”

You offer writing gigs and yet you went ahead and copied another person’s description.
Sounds like the last thing a legit writer would do.