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I'm an award-nominated writer that wants to write for you

I will write fiction, short stories, articles. Or I’ll help to revise your texts and passages, regardless of content. I love to write, to write compellingly, and I hope to share my skills with the fiverr community.

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Hi! I would love to see your credentials, and possibly hire you.
I have 11 shows in the pipeline, slated for radio and TV, so I’m always looking for exceptional team members.
Write back with your bio, credentials, and experience if you are interested.
I look forward to hearing from you! :slight_smile: ~ Savvy

Great to know. What award(s) have you been nominated for? I’d love to hear more.

Hi. Unfortunately I’m not interested in radio and TV but thank you for the interest. FYI it was the Nielma Sidney Short Story Prize.

Hi. It was the Nielma Sidney Short Story Prize.

That’s fabulous. Well done!