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I'm angry and disappointed

So a long time ago I’ve had my 2nd buyer on Fiverr. And I was really happy, I’ve put hard work on it and it was the beginning my success! Many months pass by and the user suddenly messages me saying that he forgot the forum Admin account password, and that his site is getting a lot of spam accounts registered (his site looks kind of like those sketchy sites that only get fake accounts IMO). But I was really busy, working IRL and with online orders. Also today I had Eid, so really didn’t find any gap to actually fix his site. I told him that I really didn’t have time to try and get into the website even though the Admin account’s password was lost. So I asked told him “I’m really busy and I don’t have time to work on it. I don’t provide lifetime support (warranty) to the site, only 1 week.” and he got mad an said “I wasted my money and time on this, Admin account doesn’t work and site full of spam” and I was like, is this guy serious? How’s it my problem that your site gets a lot of bot spam traffic? And how’s it my problem that you changed to a wrong password and forgot it?
I got really dissapointed and just blocked the user after he started saying about how I’m bad at this while he literally gave me a 5 star review and was completely satisfied back then. Next morning I see that the order was cancelled and the buyer got his money back :neutral_face:. You know why I’m mad? I’ve been working hard to achieve level 2 and now this cancelled order literally decreased my percentage of completed orders. I don’t know what to do, but I guess I’ll just have that decrease for no reason. Can I contact fiverr about this? Thanks for reading, have a great day!

TL;DR: long time ago I made a buyer a site and he was satisfied, he forgot password of the Admin account after changing it and blamed me for it then cancelled the order.


In a normal world this would not be possible but what I think happened is that selle did chargeback and Paypal took back his money from Fiverr and Fiverr from you.

You should send info to CS and ask for that cancellation to undo the damage to your account.
Do not ask for money back since that is gone.
Focus on asking that your account is not damaged by seller asking more then what was included in order.


Okay I’ll do that, thanks a lot for your response!

Unfortunately your hypothesis is not true. Fiverr can cancel old orders if they think it is required.
If you write to CS they’ll always say you “try to reach an agreement with buyer, it is your best choice”


However I understand you. CS mostly protect buyers. To avoid this, I always write some advice even for past orders buyers and try to be as polite as possible so CS won’t say I didn’t try to help my customers. Try to contact CS and ask them to revise your conversations and your order. If necessary send them some proof of the work required and the result you have provided and explain them that you’ve done everything the client has payed for.

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That’s exactly what I did, I explained to him how everything works and set up everything for him so the site can be user friendly to understand. But for some reason he decided to play with it and now there’s a PHP problem either in the database’s side or the PHP code. So the site is currently not working, I’m not sure how I’m gonna show proof. They can check my Fiverr order page though can’t they? The user literally gave 5 stars and I did make a screenshot before, can I use that screenshot?

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so when you say long time how much it is ?
buyers have some amount of time to file chargeback…
Talk to CS and if it was bareback and you succeed to provide all prof they may compensate you the exact amount.

June 10, 2020. Will do

Does cancellations says this, " The buyer cancelled this order and funds were returned to their balance" ?
if yes its charge back…Buyer can file charge back untill 90 or 120 days !

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It’s a digital service so I guess you should use everything you have. And always do lot of screenshots during every project and be really descriptive about the work you’ve done, so you won’t have problems for the future.

Yup, that’s what it says

will do in the future, thanks for the tip

What is this?! Fiverr refunded funds to 2 of my buyers…
I’ve asked my buyers if they refunded it and they said no. What’s happening?!

Do you trust your buyer? It may be a bug or a problem or maybe the buyers are tricking you

Yes I do, it’s definitely a bug. Because when I go to the order page it doesn’t show anything about the refund. Only the earnings page…