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I'm answering under 1 hour but avg. response time is 3

Hello guys!
I am new here so sorry for maybe posting this in the wrong category.
I started receiving orders and I’m answering to the messages in under a few minutes and my avg. response time was 1 hour until the last message received… I got it at 21:28 and I got the app notification at 21:30 and got the response at 21:32 but after this my avg. response time increased to 3 hours. How’s that supposed to work ? Is this because the time zone ? The last person is like -9 hours behind me.

I hope you are charging rates that justify your “quick” response times.

Otherwise, what is the point?

Momentary they doesn’t justify it, i have low charging rates, but I always have my phone by my side and I have some good amount of spare time and this justify my response times