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I'm aware that newbies can take a while to get their first job but are there any changes I can make?

Like I said in the title, I’m perfectly aware that new comers can take a while before getting their first order but I thought that you could take a look at my gigs and see if you could spot anything I should change/improve ?

Here’s my profile :

Oh and yes, I am sending out requests to as many buyers’ requests as possible.

Thank you and have a good day/night.

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Welcome to the forum!
Check other sellers gigs, how they described their services and describe your service in your own words as their.
Add a video of yourself to your gig if possible, it will increase your chances of getting orders 100%.
You can use to create catchy gig thumbnail’s for your gigs.
Specify your writing service, like health related writing or pets related, it will increase your chances of getting hired as you will target a specific audience instead of a large one.

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Hello @ragheb_elborni, and welcome to Fiverr! I took a peek at your gigs, and here’s what I see:

The “fast turnaround time” part of your gig cover is too small to read / make out easily. You’ll want to change that so it looks cleaner, in my opinion.

The names of languages should be capitalized in your gig title.

You speak a great deal about yourself personally (e.g. You are writing a book, you watch shows, etc) in both your gig descriptions and bio. I find it interesting as a peer and fellow forum-ite, but a client will have already moved on - they’re looking for a provider, not a pal. It’s not to say you need to sound like a robot, but if any part of your writing on here could double as a personals profile, you should probably omit or change it. Keep what you’re saying targeted to the service you provide directly.

@hinajehan is correct in that you should find a niche and hit it hard. Ask yourself “Who needs my services and has the deepest pockets?” The most obvious answer is businesses, ecommerce, etc. What companies are native to Arabic/French-speaking areas but are eager to break into the US market? Clothing, electronics, etc? Which service-based businesses are trying to target English international clients?

You have no examples of what you can do on your gig! It’s just a picture, and that picture tells me nothing about your skills. Make up a screenshot with, for example, a few sentences about a business, or a product description, in Arabic/French and the English translation beside it…e,g, “This…into This” format. That will help clients see that you are, in fact, fluent in these languages on both sides.

Finally, I might suggest breaking up your French / Arabic translation gigs into one-format services.

  • French into English
  • English into French
  • Arabic into English
  • English into Arabic

Consider that any client that needs you isn’t going to be searching the words “French or Arabic into English Translation” but rather “French into English Translation” - the chance that they’ll need both those languages translated at the same time is slim, and you want to optimize for the most likely search phrases.


Thank you for the detailed response! I already had my doubts about being “too personal” in my profile so I’ll make sure to work on that.

And yes, breaking-up the gigs is a great idea.

Again, thank you and do you mind if I PM you if I have any more questions?

Sure thing! I can’t promise I’ll be speedy with replies because my queue is insane lately, but I’m always happy to chat.


Do you offer this service of checking sellers profiles and give back?