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I'm back after house fire (5 months ago)

Hi! It’s me Maytal (aka mae_creativity)! And I’m back after five months. :slight_smile:

Five months ago I was asleep in my bedroom, woke up and the whole room was on fire.

Long story, so in just a few sentences: woke up just in time before inhaling too much smoke, just in time to save my little brother who was staying in the other room. Super hard struggle but finally got him out. Got the neighbors out, called the fire department, went to the emergency room, etc. Everyone’s fine.

Every single thing I ever owned was in my room. Everything caught on fire and turned into ash. Whatever–just stuff.
There was a lot of equipment I needed for my work (worked full time from home freelancing). Now (few extra incidents of bad luck followed the fire) finally I’m able to start again in every way. New apartment in a new city (Tiberius). Was finally able to purchase, as a start, a new laptop + reading glasses last week.

Two weeks ago I un-paused my Fiverr profile.
Activated five gigs and paused the other five for now. Working on a new profile desc.

As expected, my gigs are nowhere to be found (meaning they are probably at the very end of the search, algorithm-wise).

I am
asking here “how do I get back in the Fiverr loop?” because I assume the answer would be the same one given to a brand new Fiverr seller. (Right?)
[I’m not a new seller: first sale was in 2015. Till five months ago I knew my way around. :wink:]

What I
pondering is: what has changed since January 27, 2019 that I need to know about? I can’t read everything since January posted on the forum.

Any ideas how I can get caught up and be informed of what I need to know? Or any other advice?
Thanks, bunnies. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush: :upside_down_face: Maytal.


First, I am so glad to here everyone is ok! I can not even imagine how hard the must have been. Second. I would say small changes per usual. Redesign of of certain things look and feel. You will notice that. Fiverr went Public. Seems a good amount of the major category changes and some beta stuff are posted in the forum. Welcome back.


Hello Maytal,

I am so sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal. I can only imagine how stressful it must have been for you. I am glad that everyone got out safe and that you are on your way to getting everything back on track. :blush:

I cannot really think of any major changes that have happened in the last 5 months (Feb to June). I am sure you were around when Fiverr brought in the double-blind reviews and started offering “learn from Fiverr” courses. They have made a few changes here and there to certain categories/sub-categories. They are also offering a new category called “Animated GIFs.”

One other thing I would like to point out is that Fiverr has now made it impossible for buyers/sellers to change reviews that have already been published (even if the buyer misclicked while submitting the review). They have gotten very strict about it. Even so much as bringing up the topic of changing reviews/ratings with your buyer or CS can now get you a ToS warning.

You might also want to check out a few posts under the forum’s “News” sub-category. :slight_smile:

I will update this post in case I have something more to add. :slight_smile:


@hanshuber16 , @silberma1976
Hi you two. :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for your replies.
Yes, sometimes one has just a lot of incidents of bad luck within a very short period. But you know what happens when your house + everything in it burns down (that was one of the incidents)? Answer - nothing.
You figure out the next best move several times a day for maybe five months, and deal with whatever comes up.

Regarding FIverr, I doubt that it will ever take off in my case. It just occurred to me that a profile that is abandoned for five months probably has almost no chance of rebounding, as opposed to a brand new profile. Or maybe not–who knows. Well, if I happen to get an order–I’ll jump on it! :slight_smile: If not, then I’ll . . . jump on the new bed I’m getting today.

Anyway, silberma said Fiverr went public–has that changed anything in how things work/feel? Or does it have no effect on sellers, buyers, transactions, etc.?

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Hello, nice to see you again!

We can now block people from ordering or contacting us. I’m not sure if you were here or not when this happened but it’s been a major improvement.

Going public hasn’t changed anything although some of us sellers reported a dip in sales in the weeks before it happened, although we aren’t sure if that was connected to the IPO or not.


I’m super busy and shouldn’t be loitering. Just to say, though, welcome back! Sorry for your recent problems, but well done on getting through things and starting over. It’s probably going to be challenging. However, I’m sure you’ll manage.

Other than that, never mention the word review in any capacity. Beware of gigs being thrown to the back of the search (when you get your placement back), and possibly don’t say what you really feel in blind reviews. Doing so can go horribly, horribly wrong.

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Hi! Thanks :slight_smile: [post must still be 20 characters]

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THank you! Great info. :slight_smile:

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