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Guys, I have missed a lot of stuff over the last few months. I had a turbulent period, with college, work, a lot of other tasks, and somehow I have forgotten of the forum.

I am angry at the new leveling system, there was a bug with disappearing orders from the queue, which did a lot of damage to me. Customer support still works on solving the issue. I have heard from other sellers that they have the very same problem. This made my delivered on time rate dropped, but it can’t be resolved, no matter how much orders I deliver on time it’s still stuck at the same percentage. I am working hard to resolve it, and it’s going well but not as I expect. :slight_smile:


Hello gig_freak. I have missed seeing :eyes: you on the forum. It sounds like you have been busy. I am sorry for your orders disappearing from the queue and the damage :hammer: it did to you and many other sellers!

I fear I will not make level 2 before January 15 and with the new $ amount requirement may not get to level 2 for quite a while after that. :frowning_face:

Never the less it is good to see :eye: :blush: you back here even if it is for a short visit.


Thanks, Vickie. I would be here more often now.

I fear that I would lose my level, which is highly likely as the bug still hasn’t been resolved, I just hope that it would be resolved before 15th, as the particular bug happened on all of the orders that had purchased the one-day delivery option that is something less than 30% of my orders. :frowning:

Let’s get back to the good stuff, I’ve cleared almost all of the subjects on college, there are two more left which I still have some tests to finish, but I am preparing for them, so it won’t be a hustle. :slight_smile:


Cleans specks :eyeglasses:

OMG, is it a :bird:? is it a :airplane:? No, it’s Freakyyyyyyy. :alien: :tada:

Sounds like you’ve been having a hell of a time with the techie stuff.
A :beetle: with disappearing orders, yikes! :open_mouth: I’m sure you inquired about this issue that is way beyond your control with CS, right? I mean there’s concern with St. Levels Day slowly approaching. You shouldn’t fall victim to it! In the meantime, while CS try their best to resolve the issue.

Welcome back, the atmosphere is inviting and you’ll fit right in as usual. :tea: :wink:


Yes, but they ignore me when I say that it affected my delivered on time rate. :frowning:

I would follow-up my request in a week or so, as I dong like being a pain in the :peach: . Hopefulyy, by the end of the next week I would get more info.


Eek, I know you’re a polite guy with good manners. :stuck_out_tongue: Keep us updated!


@gig_freak Welcome back​:tada::balloon:


Thanks, @amiriqbal01 :slight_smile:


Welcome on board. Feels good to have you back :slight_smile:


Indeed it’s awesome to get in touch with all of you guys, just I miss the old just for fun threads, they are really rare now.


I know right, some peeps are so serious (:japanese_ogre:)nowadays. :black_joker:


Welcome back @gig_freak


I’ve also seen invisible orders! And response rate also is bugged. Not as much as it used to be, thankfully! But as long as they are super important for leveling up and keeping levels, they shouldn’t be a requirement, until they work perfectly fine.


Welcome back @gig_freak


Welcome back @gig_freak




Heeeey, you’re back! :smiley:
Good to see you again.

I can easily imagine how busy you can get being in college ( hey, I used to be a student too, once upon a time…) but I hope to see you more often here again! :slight_smile:


gig_freak I thought i was the only one going through this. I have been sending the messages. once a week about this sense Thanksgiving. Hope they it gets fixed soon because it is affecting gig placement and i have seen a drop in orders.


Welcome Back Sir In Fiverr Forum


Welcome Back… !