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I'm back, and ready to work uwu) sweetyPies

i was on my college vacations, but now, im here again… n.n see my new gig image and tell me what can i change


same to you n.n ty…

Welcome back :slight_smile:

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ty madame uwu) <3… i hope do my best

I’d say have someone fix/edit your gig description as a start for sure.
I can overall understand what you are trying to say, but it would come across as
professional if the grammar etc was correct in your desciption.

BTW, me being a Japanese, the word “yamete” in the gig description
looks quite strange to me, is there a reason why it’s there?

ohh ok, no problem, im not a good english writter, so i use google traductor, thank you for your help mister Zeus777… and i put “Yamete” because im a bit Outaku girl, its like “Stop there” or something like that, but its sound a bit weird, i know, sorry, its a common phrase i use… sorry

i edit this now:
I’m Isa, I’m a Venezuelan girl, i love the rock, the Cosplay, the good music, the anime, the zombies, Videogames, kittys, puppys, and really love the Unicorns D:<

**I’**m here to make a cool prank or video tutorial in HQ recorded with my tiny camera uwu)/…

I can do:

  • Almost any challenge you want (if i have the materials, please no lewd stuff or something like that)
  • Video tutorials for Exercises
  • Dancing Videos (choreography about one specific song)
  • Funny Prank videos
  • Cosplay (because im a cosplayer)
  • Modeling
  • etc, etc…

** But write me first to complety the order…**

Have a nice day people of the world <3

Note: Please follow the rules of Fiverr -.-)/… i not will do anything, please read this and PM me first

Wow super cool, i ask using only Gmail :o i dont know fiverr can make that

Welcome back to Fiverr :tada:

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Yeeeeeiii… !!! :smiley:

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