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I'm Back From A Very Long Break

Hi Everyone!

How have you all been? I hope you all are keeping safe.

So, I joined Fiverr in 2018 (May to be precise) and I started getting orders a couple of months after.

I got promoted to a Level 1 Seller early this year.

I had to take a very long break because I just finished my LLB degree at the university and had to go to the Nigerian Law School for 9 months. I thought I could run it together with Fiverr but it wasn’t possible as I couldn’t deliver my last task as and when due. It earned me a very bad review (sobs).

In lieu of this, I had to take a very long break from Fiverr. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I graduated top 3% of my set (about 3000 students) and I got called to the Nigerian Bar (the largest bar in Africa) on the 15th of September, 2020.

So I’m back now (flexes muscle).

I just thought to share my success story with my Fiverr family and also to get welcome back pats at the back. I miss Fiverr.


Thanks for reading.
Best regards,

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Wow! Welcome back and congrats on law school! Did you miss Fiverr at all? And what are your plans for the future (at Fiverr or with law)?

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Hi Graphtersawyer.

Thank you very much for the kind wishes.
Yes, I missed Fiverr a great deal.
There are many plans for the future. But Fiverr is sure a part of the present.

Thank you.


Wow good for you! A side hustle is indeed a risk and it’s good that you noted the costs of spreading yourself too thin.


Hi Humanissocial,
Thank you very much for the kind words.
It’s nice meeting you here.

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owo great… welcome back on fiverr.

Thank you very much, tasmeyad007