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I'm back from an awesome vacation and got the dreadful writers block - what do i do?


Just got back today from the lovely beaches of Goa. Enjoyed a full 10 days - Sun, sand and sea. Sigh ! The dreaded “writers block” is here… coz all I can think about is the beach. hehe. What do i do ?


Are your gigs writing gigs? Not sure why you feel writer’s block matters … I would do a google search on overcoming writers block, I’m sure there are many solutions or tips.


Great sea food?


GOA was awesome, even i remembered my trip to GOA 3 years back :slight_smile:


Reply to @aweberr: hell yeah ! :))


Reply to @multygraphics: It is always awesome. I make it a point to go there every year for 10-15 days. !


Reply to @simplyjo: So you are also from India ?


When I was in college when I have to finish a paper I watch “Finding Forrester” to get inspired :slight_smile:


Reply to @multygraphics: yeah. m from delhi. u ?


Reply to @simplyjo: im from Bhopal :slight_smile: