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I'm battling blindfolded

I’m in one of those weird situations where my gig after being up for 9 months and making enough money that I left employment to pursue this full time (big mistake) got denied due to a 3rd party complaint that I’m breaching intellectual property rights.

Okay so give me a chance to amend my gig - don’t just delete it off the face of the earth!

The most annoying thing is that I’m good with Photoshop and all images were all hand drawn by me and then created in Photoshop by me so it’s not obvious what the breach is.

I took a break for 4 weeks to redesign everything and I launched the new gig yesterday. Guess what, today its been denied - for the same reason.

Sadly every time I’ve asked about why the gig has been denied, “please be specific”, I get a very generic answer which doesn’t tell me anything.

Unless you tell me what it is I’m doing wrong, how am I supposed to continue on?

Has anyone else experienced this?

FYI I’ve found at least 10 other sellers who have been around for longer than I have (top rated ones too) who offer what I offer)… I’m baffled


What was your gig about? What did you offer?

I help manage and grow businesses on Instagram. It’s not like others where they spam by following loads of people. I actually sit there and spend time talking to people etc which is why the gig was so popular when it was up

If you were selling or promising followers or likes, that’s not allowed. Selling likes/followers/subscribers or anything of the sort is a violation of social media Terms of Service, and therefore a violation of Fiverr’s ToS, too.

Social media gigs are becoming quite risky. Even if your service is perfectly legitimate, there are others who sell followers and try to word their gig differently, so they don’t get caught, and then honest sellers get punished because of the rule breakers, too.