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I'm becoming a postman!


Ok so there’s a government vacancy for postman and there are 99% chances for selection of me. But the question is should I go for it? There are very less chances of productivity and creativity on that job and also chances of promotion are very less. What would you do. Would you be a postman?


dont miss the chance…and join it.
You have to make this job creative and productive…dont follow old traditions and do this job happily.
Good Luck.


Bhai steady job, you will be secure and work till you are 60. Sarkari job hain, take it. You will be able to advance as you get older. No chance of losing the job. Your family will be secure. Also, today India Post is more of a bank than a postal service. No stress, no pressure. All the best! [Also limited work hours. You will be able to work as a freelancer for 5-6 hours a day in addition to this job. Enjoy!]


I´d totally be a postwoman, being paid and with health insurance and all, for walking around and with full mental capacities left after the workday to do some freelance work or creative writing.
You can always quit again if you don´t like it or find you really can´t do anything creative, or not? Sounds like an ideal chance to be safe and secured and to only take the freelancing jobs you really want to do or work on own projects. Don´t know what´s it like to be a postman where you are, but I don´t think the people who do it here are unhappy, quite the contrary.


I was also thinking the same. In starting you have to work for 4 hours only. After that you can do whatever you want. You can also give departmental exam for promotion after 3 years. (If I’m not wrong)


Go for it boy, do everything possible to get the job, and then come here and make the announcement :+1:


Thanks alot for your valuable advice and time. I’ll update you with situation.


drop it… I would suggest you go for another one if you have an option


All the best bro. Enjoy your new job


Yep, go for it!
I once worked as a postman (for two months, during summer) and… basically, this:

The best dull job I had!


Haha that sounds really rough.