I'm Beginner and no one wants to buy my gigs


Hello everyone,

I’m new on Fiverr, well I spend every day a few hours on fiverr trying to to my best. I have a 7 online gigs and no one bought them, I only receive views and clicks and impressions. This is my profile: https://www.fiverr.com/kika1994 if you could give me some advice I would be thankful!

Thank you so much!


Just a small point … underneath your profile photo you say that you are new and trying to do your best. That does not come across as very professional and will not inspire buyers to buy from you.


You can listen to this FiverrCast


Am I suffering from heat stroke or do you have a bunch of gigs that are the same thing with a different gig image?


Thank you very much!


Try the buyer requests option. That’s how I’ve got all my orders so far


Hi there. I have had a look at some of your gigs. The English could do with some tweaking. I am a proofreader/editor. If you would like me to have a look at your gigs and tell you what changes you could make to make it read better, let me know. I’d be happy to help for free. Also, as dm_design says, try Buyer Requests; you will need to give a competitive price to get the job though.


From what I see you have several gigs that have the exact same title. This comes across as “spam” and does not inspire clients to do business with you; its also not very professional. I’d suggest removing repetitious gigs, and focusing on a few to start off. It’s always better to do one thing very VERY well.


Wow, people are a lot nicer to you with this question then my question. Anyhow this was the guy that said a few things that seemed most helpful:
*Make sure your gig titles include your tags.

*Be sure to use your tags in the description body.

*Always use videos. Even if it seems pointless to your offerings- make a connection to people by putting a face (a charming face in this case, you devil) to your services.

*Specify your offerings from the perspective of how it benefits the client.

*There seems to be a consensus that the algorithm favors people who are on line for close to eight hours. It’s probably just the benefit of registering as “on line,” but who knows?

*Definitely try your hand at buyers request. Make your offers clear. Use the potential clients name, paraphrase the request to identify your understanding of their need and explain some of your approach. My personal advice is to end the introduction with an open ended question (but this is personal preference).

*Be where your customers are. In my case - I want to be where the people who need music may be, not the people who write it. This includes forums, groups and gatherings. Integrate but don’t pitch. Spamming yields initial results but after awhile your posts will be like forgotten furniture.

*Drink more coffee. It thickens the skin and widens up your “working hours.”
*Become part of the community. Sellers are the best buyers. There’s a huge chance that professionals will need your services at some point… there’s a better chance that they’ll reach for someone they’ve talked to before.
*Once you’ve edited your gigs to where you want them- don’t touch them. Editing has some negative effects to the algorithm.
*Use the FAQ on your page. Include more tag phrases in this section.
*Once you’ve gotten some buys - throw in extras. This encourages repeat buyers and glowing reviews.
*Don’t ask your clients to review. Some won’t and you’ll be frustrated because you treated them with the respect and work ethic that should ensure praise. It’s cool, they may be back again. Love on them anyway.



Some people have already mentioned not repeating your gigs so I would say as you take down a few that repeat add something new like being a model coach. Or, write a short document on all of your best tips on how to get into modeling or how to take a great picture of models, etc and sell that as a gig.


ino like wat??? this is probably gonna get u banned


Wow you gave me a excelent idea, thank you very much :smiley:


I’m not quite sure what you mean. I was just making an observation about the amount of gigs, albeit in a slightly snarky tone. Thanks for the concern, I guess?


yes in my text above i was agreeing with you that posting too much of the same gig can get u banned!


Ahhh, got it. I thought “you” meant me!
I didn’t actually know it could get you banned, I’d heard in the past that it dilutes your overall profile in the searches though. So yeah, cutting down on repeating gigs is definitely a good idea.


yes it does! sorry for the misunderstanding